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Is there something in particular that The Carriage Stop might help you find to fill that empty space on your mantle or area in your living room? E-mail us with your requests at requests@thecarriagestop.com.

Carriage Stop: Store Shots

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European Soaps
: Pre de Provence

Pre de Provence has the look and scent you've been looking for. European SoapsThese decorative soaps, each embossed with the fragrance name, are the ideal indulgence for both men and women.

Take a look at our image gallery to see which Pre de Provence soaps we carry. | Click Here

This warm-citrus scented bar is not unlike lavender in its ability to calm.

Particularly suited to oily skin, Verbena's splash of fresh citrus is soothing as well as a mild astringent.

The fragrance of lavender is the best alternative to a trip to the south of France. It is an antiseptic to the skin and an exfoliant thanks to the inclusion of real lavender blossoms in each bar.

Rose Petal
Conjuring up thoughts a fragrant French rose garden in the summer, this soap includes real rose petals for a soft exfoliating experience.

A concoction of clean and sweet smells, milk is very soothing to both sensitive and dry skin.

European Soaps
Green Tea
Be swept away by green tea's exotic, sensuous, and woody scent.

Honey Almond
Honey and almond are blended into the warm, sweet smell of Provence in the summer. Finely ground almond acts as a gentle skin exfoliant.

Herbal fresh and exhilarating, sage offers healing, astringent, and exfoliating qualities.

Ginger Spice
Bring back memories of times past with this warm, sensuous fragrance.

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European Soaps
European Soaps
European Soaps
European Soaps
European Soaps
European Soaps
European Soaps

Farm-Poured Soybean Candles (A Carriage Stop exclusive)

Carriage Stop: Soybean Candles

Here are a few reasons why you'll love our farm-poured soy candles so much...

  • They last 50% longer than petroleum-based paraffin candles
  • As a renewable source, these candles provide a new market for the faming community
  • Breath easier: Soy candles emit NO petro carbon soot
  • Cleaner burning than beeswax candles
  • 100% biodegradable and water soluble for easy cleaning
  • They have the most beautiful, long-lasting aromas we've found available in the market place

Soaps & Body Care: L'Amande

The L'Amande logo - based on an almond nut with the brand name above inside a circle - was being stamped on the soaps of the oldest Marseilles soap works, the "Huilerie & Savonnerie de L'Amande" in the first half of the 18th century. Taken over by Gavarry S.p.A. in the first half of the 1950's, L'Amande defines a complete natural product line. Products are carefully formulated, respecting the ancient traditions while based on constant research and innovation. Soaps and body care items are not tested on animals.

The Carriage Stop carries two L'Amande products: body cream and facial soap.

Herbal Therapy: AromaFloria

AromaFloria introduces its "AromaRemedy" line, which offers the natural healing benefits of the Spa - comfort, cleansing, and purifying.
Beneficial ingredients for items in the AromaReady" line include:

  • Tea Tree - Supports the immune system
  • May Chang - Purifies and protects
  • Geranium - Promotes cellular renewal
  • Calendula - Accelerates healing
  • Sandalwood - Regulates emotions

Check out our image gallery to see a sample of the AromaFloria items we carry. | Click Here

Seven simple remedies work together to draw on the healing powers of pure essential oils and ancient sea salts. Rich in minerals and marine oligo-elements, ancient sea salts help detoxify and purify the body, soothing the skin while improving tone and clarity.

Several of AromaFloria's natural healing blends can be found at The Carriage Stop:

  • Muscle Soak: Soothes the sore muscles and aching joints of exercise and the pain of arthritis. It's healing vapors also help ease nasal congestion. Eucalyptus stimulates and invigorates; Peppermint eases muscle fatigue and tension; Lemongrass soothes and relaxes.

  • Stress Less: The perfect antidote to a day filled with tension and stress. Lavender reduces stress and nervous tension; Chamomile calms and soothes; Sage balances and relaxes the body.

Maintain optimal health and well being with AromaReady products. The Carriage Stop carries a variety of these items, including:

  • Spa Salts with Tea Tree, Geranium, and May Chang
    Ancient sea minerals and natural essential oils relax, purify, and protect. Great for relieving stress.

  • Foaming Wash with Tea Tree, Geranium, Sandalwood, and May Chang
    A powerful aromatic blend of pure essential oils that purify and protect the skin

  • Hand and Body Balm with Calendula, Echinaea, and Aloe
    Deeply penetrating moisture therapy for rough, dry skin. Creates a nourishing barrier to prevent moisture loss.

Stressed? In need of sinus relief? Have a headache? Try AromaFloria's inhalation beads and find long lasting relief:

  • Sinus Help: Clear up your nasal passages and relief stuffiness with help from eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemongrass.

  • Headache Relief: Lie down and relax with the soothing smells of tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus.

  • Stress Less: Reduce stress and tension while enjoying the benefits of lavender, chamomile, and sage.

  • Wake Up: Active essential oils of lemongrass, jasmine, and rosemary work naturally to stimulate and refresh memory.

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